Monday, July 20, 2020

Palm Springs Acne Treatments

Many acne treatments are available in Palm Springs California, and differ from person to person. Some medications and treatments are more effective for milder cases of the condition, while other treatments are better for severe breakouts. Mild or moderate cases of acne (a few blemishes, whiteheads, and/or blackheads) can be erased with simple over-the-counter medications. However, for severe acne cases (red, swollen, often painful blemishes consisting of cysts and/or nodules), an array of treatments can work: including prescription topical or oral medications, antibiotics, a variety of light therapies, chemical peels, and drainage and extraction procedures.

We know how acne can impact you, regardless of age. Not only does it affect your skin, but it can also make you self-conscious. Our dermatologic experts work with you to minimize the effects of acne and offer solutions customized just for you. Contact us today to find out how we can address your acne condition to improve both your skin and self-esteem.

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